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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
The classic armor as pictured here, the Model IV, Mark I armor as seen in TOS #66-Iron Man #200.
Proto-classic armor (the Model II, Mark I as seen in Tales of Suspense, TOS #48-52).  This represented the first radical redesign of the armor to a more sleeker look.  And except for a few occasions, I have patterned all future armors around this basic design. It includes an invention of mine called flex metal withdrawn and extended with magnetism.  It is flexible as cloth and when magnetized, it becomes stronger than steel.
The classic armor was the armor design I had for the longest time.
During this time, I worked on inventions for other teams.  Stark International equiped Xavier's Estate with anti-acceleration field generators to prevent the gates from being rammed.
Another of my inventions that helped protect innocent lives is my image inducer shown here with X-men's Nightcrawler shortly after he joined the team.  This allowed groups like the X-men to move about in society without risk of harm.
In IM #191 another grey armor was used as therapy during my recovery from alcoholism.
The pre-classic armor (Model III, Mark I as seen in TOS #59-65, seen here in TOS #59.
The Rivet armor (Model II, Mark III first seen in TOS #54-58, in a backup of TOS #55, pods were shown, "pods were for spare radio parts" but they were not actually used until the Pre-classic armor).  Here is a picture in Avengers #6, and it shows an invention I created for Captain America computerized controls for his shield.
Pictured here, by Dick Ayers, is the Model II, Mark II - new chest plate as seen in TOS #53, the side pods were actually added later  to the pre-classic armor to store items, later during the classic years they became a power source for the armor.
Seen here in Avengers #3 is my Image Projector invention which allowed me to project my image across the city to try and communicate with others.
Here I am seen in Avengers #3, first documented flying above the clouds roughly 30,000 ft where airlines fly.
Here I am surviving a punch from the Hulk in my first red and gold suit in Avengers #3.
Here is an invention of mine called my magnetic repulsors attached to the palm of my hand in Avengers #3.
Here I am able to spin the Hulk around with my magnetic repulsors - Avengers #3.
As seen here in Avengers #8, in the Model II, Mark III armor, I use the magnetic repulsors to divert a missle.
The Rivet Armor invention - the Reverser-Ray that was able to hurl the force of the Unicorn back at him.
The Rivet Armor was able to out fly a commercial jet and had the strength to fly through the pressurized windows and rend steel.
In Iron Man Vol 1 120, the passenger jet I was on, was hit by a tank. Yes, I said a tank. I opened my suitcase and put on the armor. I lift the 300-400 ton jet enough to keep in from splattering all over the sea.