The Ratings Scale:
repulsor = LAME!! For completists only!!
repulsors = Eh. So-so. Either the art or story is below par.
repulsors = Good, solid IM issue.
repulsors = Superb issue! Art and story are first-rate!
repulsors = A classic! Seek it out NOW!!

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Iron Man Volume 4 ( 19 items )

The Warren Ellis & Adi Granov complete reboot of the Iron Man story. Big ramifications in this volume with Extremis and Granov's design influence on the look of the Iron Man movie armor.

Iron Man Volume 3  ( 87 items )

Volume 3 starts with Kurt Busiek as writer and Sean Chen's beautiful redesign and rendering of Iron Man's armor.

Iron Man Volume 2  ( 13 items )

Volume 2 is comprised of the "Heroes Reborn" saga - That weird, alternate Marvel Universe segue from 1996 to 1999.

Iron Man Volume 1 ( 337 items )
The first run of Iron Man in his own title.

This is the core of the Iron Man universe, ranging from the Gene Colan & George Tuska era through the now considered classic David Michelinie/John Romita Jr./Bob Layton run all the way through to the end of the volume with Len Kaminski & Terry Kavanagh. Over 28 years of Iron Man history are in Volume I.

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