Justice League of America
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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
The Justice League of America was formed in much the same way the Avengers were formed.  In the DC Universe, the JLA formed to fight the larger battles that no one superhero could face alone.

From left to right:  Captain Marvel (calls the Wizard Shazam and is gifted with heroes and myth's powers), Batman (parents killed as a child, vowed revenge as the greatest detective and martial artist), Black Canary (born with a sonic scream, later lost it after a brutal attack, recently got it back; follows in her mom's footsteps. She was the first Black Canary in the Justice Society of America.), Superman (as the planet Krypton exploded, he was sent to Earth by his father Jor-El, Kal-El was found by the Kansas family Kent and raised as an Earthman. He found as he grew, his cells charged by a yellow sun gave him fantastic powers), Aquaman (abandoned as a child, he grew up to become the King of fabled Atlantis.  Recently abandoned again, he received a new mission from the Lady of the Lake.), Green Lantern (John Stewart became Green Lantern in his youth to help Hal Jordan when he was gone.  He recently was given another opportunity when Kyle Rayner left the planet), the Martian Manhunter (the last surviving Martian transported to Earth), and the Flash (Wally West exposed to lightning and chemicals, he became the fastest man alive; he is the third to hold the name, Flash). 

Below is another incarnation of the league.  This included Hal Jordan as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.  Hal is now the Spectre, was once a Green Lantern who went insane when his home city was destroyed.  Wonder Woman was granted the powers of the Greek gods and with her Amazon heritage spread her message to the world.