Justice Society of America
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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
The Justice Society of America was formed during World War II to answer to the growing evil such as the war produced.  They have formally reformed to be the "watchers of the watchmen" and to see that their legacies hold to the truth, justice, and the American Way..

From left to right:  Captain Marvel (calls the Wizard Shazam and is gifted with heroes and myth's powers), Green Lantern (Alan Scott) the first GL and received his powers from the mystical Star Heart (a collector of mystical energy in the universe) that he formed into a railroad lantern, Black Canary II (born with a sonic scream, later lost it after a brutal attack, recently got it back, her mother fought along side the first JSA.  Black Adam calls the Wizard Shazam to receive his powers from ancient Egyptian gods, served with Hawkman in ancient Egypt.  Wildcat, a professional boxer, who trained Batman in boxing and has gained 9 nine literal lives, Wonder Woman, Diana's mother went back in time and served with the original Justice Society during the war.  She later served with the reformed team until her death in Our Worlds at War, and Powergirl, who really doesn't know her identity-as she has been told she has Kryptonian DNA and yet was also told she came from ancient Atlantis-the mystery remains. 

Below are other pictures of the JSA.