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Bethany Cabe

AKA: Bethany Van Tilburg. And, briefly, Madame Masque when her consciousness was transferred
into the body of the Maggia leader.

First appearance: Iron Man 117.

Favorite quote: "I know." (Iron Man 139. Beth is unsurprised when her romantic rival Whitney Frost
tries to impress her with Iron Man's super-secret civilian identity. Beth had figured it out by herself
long before.)

Team affiliation: Beth was one half of the consulting team of Cabe and McPherson, Security
Specialists. Hired by Stark International, she began a long association as a security advisor to the
company, and self-appointed personal bodyguard of Stark himself. Currently...well, "currently" not
counting whatever is happening in Heroes Reborn and the whole Iron Lad mess...she's the head of
           Stark International's security.

            Abilities: Beth is an expert in firearms and hand-to-hand combat, especially in close quarters. She took down
            the villain Whiplash by tripping him up and then whacking him over the head with a two by four. And she
            didn't do too badly when she had to square off against arch-rival Madame Masque, either!

            Favorite storyline: Iron Man 139, where Beth took on the more heavily armed Madame Masque, out thought
            her, out manevured her, out fought her, and in the end delibrately let her go.

            Least favorite storyline: In Iron Man 142, Bethany discovered her presumed-dead husband, Alex, was alive,
            leading to almost a year's worth of issues where she was only seen in flashbacks and single panels, a weird
            cold-war-esque excursion behind the Berlin wall and a long estrangement from Tony Stark. When Iron Man
            finally caught up to her, she first rejected him in favor of her drug-dependent spouse, changed her mind and tried to get a divorce from Alex, only to find him dead on the pavement (Iron Man 211). All of this soured the early promise of the Cabe/Stark relationship, which never really recovered.